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Selected case studies

The E-Shop Desktop Alert Software has applications in almost any industry. Evidence of the diversification of the INS can be easily seen by the list of E-Shop’s clients. Ranging from companies distributing alerts related to news, weather, traffic and security, to companies using the INS for interoffice communication, the INS fits any business schem and offers its users a cutting edge method for delivering alerts quickly and efficiently. Among E-Shop’s clients, you will find:

Client name:

Company Profile: Among the largest and leading talent agencies in the United States.

The need: Endeavor was seeking an application that enabled supervisors to deliver instant alerts during the day relating to actor’s availability and preferences without overloading the agent’s mailbox. The management at Endeavor sought an application that would force the agents to see incoming alerts and prevent them being ignored.

Our solution: Eshop’s desktop alert offered the ultimate intranet solution for Endeavor’s inter-office communication. E-shop provided a system that serves to alert to hundreds of Endeavor’s agents in real time, several times per day. The system was provided with customizable unique features such as: scheduling alerts to be sent at specific times of the day, and an automatic log in system based on IP addresses.

Client name: Rosano & Associates, Marcus & Millichap

Company Profile: Rosano & Associates is a unique and dynamic Marcus & Millichap Real Estate team located on the west coast.

The need: Rosano & Associates use a variety of marketing tools that give them an advantage in the market. They were looking for a solution to update users with new listings in real time and in an organized manner.

Our solution: Rosano & Associates chose E-shop’s Desktop Alert as its next generation technology for communicating with their clients via alerts directly to their desktops and via SMS alerts directly to their mobile phones.

Client name: Optimus futures

Company Profile: is an online commodity futures trading discount broker for commodity trading and discount online futures trading. They specialize in broker assisted trading, a variety of electronic online platforms, system trading and many other trading services.

The need: To deliver real news and research in real-time. According to Optimus Futures, in today’s environment, getting a newsletter a day after that will warn you about the market conditions is not acceptable in today’s market. They were looking for a system that would enable them to instantly send news when the market changes.

Our solution: E-Shop implemented Optimus software with a customized look and brand. We’ve added a categories module in which clients receive only those alerts to which they have subscribed.

Client name: Debkafile (

Company Profile: One of the leading Internet sites for news, terror and Intelligence analysis and information (80,000 daily users)

The need: To deliver breaking news to premium subscribers before it is updated on the Internet.

Our solution: E-Shop implemented its INS for Debka in March 2003 and has provided breaking news to thousands of Debka subscribers. The system is still in use, and two and a half years later has becomes one of the success stories of Debka.

Client name: Daven Buddy by Meir Panim

Company Profile: “MP” is a one of Israel’s largest non-profit organizations.

The need: MP chose E-shop’s Desktop Alert as its next generation technology
for communicating with thousands of its members. MP was looking for an application that would provide its members with instant alerts as well as an array of information related to the Jewish tradition (such as prayer times and holiday information).

Our solution: E-shop’s Desktop Alert system was designed and customized to answer the needs of MP. E-Shop programmers implemented modules which calculate information pertinent to prayer times such as sunrise and sunset times based on the end-users' zip codes and date/time stamp from the end-users' computers.





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