Desktop Alert

What is Desktop Alert?

E-Shop's Desktop Alert System is a web-based application which enables a provider to send instant alerts to its clients, customers or members, directly to their desktop.

E-Shop's Desktop Alert (Instant Notification System) was designed and developed for the purpose of delivering critical information quickly, to large numbers of users. The INS is a perfect solution for both Internet and Intranet environments and offers a high level of security. For organizations which currently using other systems to disseminate alerts (such as SMS, RSS, or other vehicles), the Desktop Alert System can serve as an excellent additional method of delivery and can be easily integrated with existing protocols. Our desktop alert delivers alerts to a large user base (thousands) within seconds of sending alerts. The Desktop Alert sysytem consists of two parts: a server based administration and a small, one-time, client download.

1. Maximum responsiveness
2. Sending unlimited messages
3. Hosting on your own server
4. Ability to send text, pictures, surveys and video
5. Ability to send alerts to specific groups

In response to the increasing need of several clients to send news alerts to their customers,
E-Shop embarked on the development of a new and innovative vehicle to transmit instant notifications to thousands of recipients in a manner that would be faster, less expensive and more efficient than traditional email alerts.

Current methods of delivering “alerts” are slow and ineffective. While “non-electronic” methods of updating such as daily newspapers and fax are slow and costly, even existing electronic methods of delivery are insufficient. Thus, for example, e-mail “alerts” sent simultaneously to mass numbers of subscribers are prone to:
• Inconsistent delivery due to blocks imposed by ISPs
• Inadvertent sending to user’s junk mail
• Inadvertent deletion by user spam filters
• Inadvertent deletion by end users
• Lag time between sending email to a large numbers of users until the time they are opened.

Desktop Alert :
E-Shop has developed and integrated into the marketplace an effective, powerful and quick method for delivering customized content directly to the end-user’s desktop. The Instant Notification System (INS) or desktop alert software has been successfully implemented in a wide range of businesses and fields, some of which cater to hundreds of thousands of users. It allows the provider to send instant alerts to its clients, customers or members, directly to their desktop. click here to view a flash demo.

E-Shop’s Desktop Alert has applications in almost any industry. Evidence of the diversification of the system can easily be seen by the list of E-Shop’s clients which range from companies distributing alerts relating to news, finance, weather, traffic and security, to those using the INS for interoffice communication. E-Shop’s INS fits any business model and offers users a cutting edge solution for delivering alerts quickly and efficiently to a large number of end-users.

The Client
The "Client" which is installed by the end-user is a small application (under 2 Meg) and when running maintains a very small footprint, thus not straining the end-user computer resources.

The Client Software will typically allow the user to:
*Receive alerts in the format requested by the customer
* Receive notification of new alerts in one or more methods including pop-up, system tray icon flickering and / or audio alert
* Update personal information
* Update groups (which determine which subset of alerts the user wishes to receive)
* Minimize and or close the application

*Adding added value service: weather, stock alert applications and more.
*Sponsored banners which are controlled from the admin panel



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